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Things to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider

Have you decided on using WordPress for your upcoming website, but are unsure on which host to choose? It’s not an uncommon question people face. Selecting a website hosting provider is difficult, even if you have narrowed the options down with the decision to go down the WordPress route.


The reason why it’s tricky to place your chips on a web host is there are various points to consider. Firstly, there are countless hosts vying for your trade. Secondly, you have to compare all of their attributes, working out which one offers the best overall package for your needs. Such aspects include:


First of all, you’re going to consider the price of hosting. Although whether you have a strict budget or are willing to splash the cash, price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. When searching around for a web host, make sure to look out for any deals. In the hope of enticing new signups, many hosts provide significant discounts on their plans.

Speed, reliability and performance

When it comes to web hosting for WordPress, it is imperative that you select a provider which places a particular emphasis on performance. If your website is fast and responsive, people are going to be happy to browse around and consume your content. However, if it’s slow to load and produces frequent error pages, your site is going to struggle. This isn’t just about attaining and retaining visitors, either. A website that stutters and plods along doesn’t gain favor with Google, which will seriously affect your ranking in search results.

As for determining if a web host is at the high-end in terms of performance, don’t be sold on certain terms they’ll feed you with. For instance, plenty of hosts will supply unlimited disk space. Yet this isn’t important for performance. It is transfer speed where it counts. Make sure to check this facet of any prospective host.



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Service and customer support

A great web host provider is always on-hand to present a helping hand when needed. While assistance via email or support tickets is acceptable, you would, ideally, want a web host that is always available at the end of the phone or via live chat assistance. This way you know that your issue has been noted and can be resolved with a fast turnaround time.

Plus if you’ve never installed WordPress before or even built a website, you are likely to need assistance in some form. After all, you’ve got the installation, migration, caching, security, site backups, and more to deal with when getting WordPress up and running. But even if you have extensive knowledge about the technical side of websites, just one glitch can cause a site to collapse. With that in mind, it is always advantageous to have a web host expert ready to identify and resolve any problems you have encountered. If they care about their reputation, they know how important it is to fix such issues in a speedy manner.