If you create content, you need to establish a medium through which content can be published and shared. You can create a WordPress.com blog for your content creation without paying anything. Of course, with this medium, your blog will be located in a subdomain without you having full ownership of the identity of the website.

On the other hand, if you want to retain complete ownership and be able to modify your website to suite your taste, you need to build your own WordPress website. The creation and management of the site comes with some basic costs, here are everything you’ll need to have a WordPress website up and running.

Domain registration

This is the web address of your website. It has to be SEO-friendly and memorable. The cost of this is dependent on the name being registered, but the average should cost between $9 and $15. However, some names are quite expensive, so conduct proper research! For the average user and domain name registrar, you can simply skip this step, since most hosting providers give you free domain names when you buy a hosting plan.

Hosting services

With your domain ready, you need to host it for it to become live on the internet. A lot of concerns should be identified in order to select the best hosting service that will be perfect for your needs. The price is not fixed but can range from ten to three hundred dollars based on your hosting plan.

Developer fee

This is not compulsory, but dependent on the feel you want your site to have. For more originality and personalization, a developer can be hired. However, their salaries and fees vary and are subject to the expertise and experience of the developer of your choice.

Content creation

When you have designed and created the site, content is needed to bring people knocking on the door. If nothing is found, zero conversions will be made. Thus, the cost of hiring writers and freelancers should be factored in. Writers are paid between twenty to hundred dollars for a certain number of words and the depth of the topic being given.

Finally, the cost of a WordPress site can range from as low as $100 to as high as $20,000 (or more) depending on your budget and goals. However, if you do succeed in generating traffic to the site, the returns are sure to exceed its cost!