Without plugins, most people with WordPress websites will have to learn some level of coding to be able to manage websites and get all the features they want to be added.

But we don’t have to be expert programmers to be able to operate WordPress websites, and that makes it possible for just about anyone with an internet connection to own a site. From SEO plugins to Caching plugins, here are some plugins every website should have.

Yoast SEO

In my opinion, being search engine friendly is vital if you want to tap into the traffic coming from search engines, and that’s where Yoast SEO comes. You get to set your website according to the best practices, and all these you can do without having extensive knowledge of SEO. I use the premium version of Yoast SEO, but the free version also works well for starters.

WP Rocket

Still on SEO. You’ll know the importance of a fast website when you start having many pages on your website. Being able to cache some resources on your webpage and load them at appropriate times will impact your website load time, so for speed and improved standing on search engines, you’ll need a great caching plugin.

Constant Contact

You also want to have a system in place to collect those customer emails and send them messages every once in a while. With services like MailChimp and Constant Contact, you will be able to start collecting emails and growing sales by sending customers who have shown interest in your business any new deals.


And then security comes in. Sucuri does a good job of monitoring and protecting your website from DD0S, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, and malware threats. If you collect payment on your website or plan to collect sensitive information, a great security plugin is a must-have.

Shared Counts

Most people will only share your content if other people have done it. How about having a plugin that would show the number of times your content was shared, creating great social proof and helping you get more shares? Shared Counts makes the site interface more beautiful, and it’s less intrusive. A social share counter is another must-have plugin in WordPress.

Here are just a few of the plugins you can have on your website. A quick tip: If you’re not using a plugin, delete it from your website, it could make you vulnerable to attacks.